Midwest Warehousing

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225 E. Florence Rd., St. Joseph, Mo. 64504

As a specialized logistics and warehousing company,

no job is too big or small for us to handle.

Order Fulfillment

Pick and Pack

We can pick and pack loads

items from pallets to send to

customers as they need it.

Ship it to us. We'll sort it and

ship it out to your customers

as they need it.

We can put labels with the

weights, Hazmat labels, or

anything you need. 

We have a wrapping machine

that can be set to wrap any

way in any color needed.

We can weigh pallets and

keep track of the weights for

loads to be shipped out.


We can put anything we get in

on a standard or customized

pallet or crate.

Scale Pallets


Value Added Services